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trane air conditioners

The Trane XR family of air conditioners ensures long-lasting reliability and durability, making it an intelligent investment in comfort.

The Trane XR air conditioner will condition your air quietly and affordably, turning your home environment into a place you’ll find completely welcoming.

  • SPINE FIN™ COIL this all-aluminum outdoor coil provides very low air flow resistance, greater heat exchanging capabilities and higher efficiency.
  • DURATUFF™ BASEPAN manufactured to exacting standards. Will not crack, warp, corrode, or rust.
  • Select models have COMPRESSOR SOUND INSULATORS which diminishes operating sound.
  • BAKED-ON POWDER PAINT is virtually indestructible even if metal gets dented. Maximum corrosion and rust resistance.

Energy Star LogoThe Trane XR 15 air conditioner meets ENERGY STAR requirements when appropriate indoor unit and coils are used.