Fresh Air

If you have a functioning HVAC system, but your home still doesn’t feel completely comfortable, this could mean that something is wrong with your indoor air quality. A functioning HVAC system can circulate the air in your home efficiently, but your home could also benefit from an effective air quality system. A whole home humidifier is a type of air quality system that regulates the moisture in the air and keeps airborne allergens from circulating as easily. This is especially beneficial for homes with pets or people with allergies. If you’ve never heard about the importance of whole home humidifiers, find out more about how your home and health can benefit from one.

Balances humidity

Low humidity levels can dry out your skin sometimes causing irritation and nosebleeds. If you feel your home is excessively dry in the winter, a whole home humidifier adjusts the humidity levels in your home based on the weather.

Lessens allergy symptoms and colds

Airborne allergens that circulate through your home can make your allergies feel more severe. Especially if you own pets or during seasons where there is more pollen in the air. It’s also harder for your body to breathe in dry air. Colds and other viruses thrive in low-humidity. If your home’s humidity is at a low level, you can catch a cold easier and more frequently. A whole home humidifier will moisten the air to kill off viruses and filter out allergens to keep you breathing easier.

Essential for hardwood floors, artwork, and houseplants

Controlled humidity levels in your home are crucial for preserving hard wood floors, wood furniture, and artwork. Wooden furniture and floors can warp or crack when the air is too dry. Paint peels and frames can crack also if air is too dry. If you have houseplants, they also need moisture to grow and survive. Dry air can cause permanent damage to things you most likely invested time and money into. If you have wooden floors, fine art or houseplants you wouldn’t want to see get damaged, a whole home humidifier can ensure these things will remain safe from dry air.

Sleep better

We mentioned that humidifiers can help bring moisture back in the air and help alleviate cold and allergy symptoms. More moisture in the air reduces dry nasal passages and throats. However, this can also affect how you sleep. If you wake up often from coughing, breathing problems or from being too cold, a whole home humidifier can help. They can also help lessen snoring, which occurs when the air in your mouth and nose gets trapped because your airways are too dry.

Conserve energy and save money

Cold air doesn’t hold as much moisture as warm air. That’s why winter air makes our skin feel dry and summer air feels wet. When the air in your home is moister, it can feel warmer. If you have a whole home humidifier, you might find yourself turning down the thermostat because the air feels warmer. This can help you conserve energy and save money on your energy bill. Energy Star offers a guide that estimates the yearly energy savings when you invest in an efficient whole home humidifier.

Whole home humidifiers are important for your health and your home’s health. If you’re looking to improve the air quality and moisture in your Greater Lansing home, North Winds Heating and Cooling can help you install a Trane humidifier to solve your home’s comfort problems.


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