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Providing Comfort & Heat for Your Lansing Home

At North Winds Heating & Cooling we provide a wide range of heat pumps. There are many things to consider when purchasing a heat pump for your Greater Lansing home or business such as size, efficiency, SEER Rating, comfort, and brand. Our variety of Trane heat pumps provide consistent reliability and efficiency that work both to heat and cool your Lansing home all year long by providing all-season comfort. Each heat pump system is designed and engineered to meet rigid specifications, tested to ensure excellent performance, and manufactured to last. Our heat pump systems are excellent for Lansing homes because of their low operating costs, which make it a wise choice for your total home comfort needs.

Trane XLi Family of Heat Pumps

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Maximize your comfort with their top-of-the-line components The XL20i and XL16i heat pumps feature ComfortLink II technology, providing the ultimate comfort connection for efficiency, convenience and enhanced reliability. The Trane Xli Heat Pumps allow you to interact with your system like never before. It provides real-time operating information and flexible remote telephone access. The XL15i is the quietest single-stage heat pump system in the Xli family and offers high-end performance at moderate prices. The XL14i features low-resistance airflow providing reliable comfort throughout your home.

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Trane XR Family of Heat Pumps

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Settle in to a high level of clean, comfortable air. Packed with Trane’s innovative technology, these heat pump systems effectively heat, cool and condition your air quietly and affordably. The XR14 overcomes even the most stifling heat and bone-chilling cold with energy-conscious operation. (HSPF) up to 9.00.

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