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Lansing Furnace Repair

This is the time of year we send out our furnace tune-up reminder cards to our loyal Lansing community customers.  It is extremely important to prepare your furnace for the hard work it will endure during the Michigan fall and winter months!  I want to help in the process of making sure your furnace is safe and running efficiently.

Picking the right company is a very important part of scheduling your furnace tune-up.  As a consumer myself, I know how difficult it can be to determine the difference between fact and fiction when dealing with companies trying to sell their services.  I have created some bullet points to help during the process of choosing the right HVAC Company.


  • Your time is valuable, right?  Does your heating and cooling company have evening and weekend appointments available?  Ours book up fast!
  • If you like to buy from local Lansing community businesses the next question may be very important to you.  Is the HVAC company truly local or are they owned by a national parent company or from another part of Michigan?
  • Are their employees background checked and drug tested?
  • Do their service technicians have 3rd party HVAC certification, such as NATE?
  • How much ongoing training do their HVAC service technicians receive during the year? Ok, ok, I know that may be tough to ask, but you want to make sure the company invests in the continued knowledge of their employees!
  • Ask how the company began and how long they have served the Lansing community?  The person answering the phone should know the owners name and company history.
  • Do they have a written furnace tune-up checklist they are willing to provide to you?
  • Does the tune-up include a carbon monoxide test and furnace gas leak test?
  • If the price sounds too good to be true, it is!   Companies who provide high quality technicians will need to charge more for their services.


At North Winds, we want to make sure you have the peace of mind your furnace is safe, help you eliminate unnecessary repair costs, and help you to utilize your furnace to the best of its ability.  Remember, much like your car, a furnace needs to be serviced regularly to extend its life and ensure it is running efficiently.

Let me know if I can help in any way.  It is easy, just ask for Barb 517-351-6171.